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The Chapelwick Mysteries

Meet Melody Bittersweet. She sees dead people. No really, she does, and  she's just opened her own Ghostbusting Agency. There's no dodgy white jumpsuits, but there is plenty of hilarity and some sizzling sparks of romance.

Oh, and there's also Lestat, the one eared uncivilised pug. 

The Lucien Knight books


The international bestselling Lucien Knight books have been a smash hit all around the world.


Meet Lucien in Knight & Play, and then settle in for the ride of your life through the four book series...



Genie ~ A burlesque Erotic Romance
Feathers. Lies. Secrets. Glitter. Lust.
Meet Genie, the wise cracking London showgirl, and Abel Divine, the aussie gym mogul determined to buy her family's theatre.
The stage is set for an explosive summer...



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